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불어 성경 공부 안내 French Bible Study

“Jésus, debout, s’écria: « Si quelqu’un a soif qu’il vienne à moi et qu’il boive”  (Jean 7:37) 제자 교회가 마련한 불어 성경 공부반은 연령이나 국적에 관계없이 누구에게나 열려 있습니다. 초급 불어를 아시는 분은 누구나 오셔서...

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Christmas service 2016

DCFM celebrated our King of Kings, Jesus’s birthday. This year, many people gathered to worship Jesus, and had a wonderful fellowship followed by dinner party prepared by members, shot skits prepared by youth groups,...

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Sophia’s baby dedication

Today, DCFM celebrated 7th Anniversary of DCFM’s foundation, and Sophia’s baby dedication. Although DCFM’s beginning was very small and had many tough times, our God helped and guided our church for last 7 years. Many...