Encountering God through my career

If you are a new graduate from university, you may have asked following questions:

” I am not sure what I am going to do for my long-term career!”

“Should I follow my passion or social stability?”

“Can I get any help from God in choosing my career?”

 Likewise, if you are already in your career for more than 10 years, following questions may rise in your mind:

“I do not really enjoy my current work. Although I have worked hard, got promoted and receive a good salary, I feel like I am going nowhere. My job is not very meaningful any longer to my life. Should I quit my job or is it too risky?”

“Can I get any help from God in finding answers to all these difficult questions?”

God in fact is very much interested in our career. We can encounter God in our workplaceOur workplace can become a magnificent worship place being guided by the Holy Spirit.

At the month of commencement, DCFM is convening a special seminar for new university graduates or those already in their career, on the theme of “Encountering God through my career and being guided by Him”.

There will be a message from the pastor as well as a moderated panel discussion on the following specific themes:

  • Searching for my career as guided by God
  • Finding out His plan for my life through my career
  • Experiencing God at my work place
  • Contributing to our neighborhoods and communities through my career

You are all invited to join us and share your ideas and questions!

Time:  11:00 – 13:00, 25 May 2014, Sunday

Venue: DCFM Church, 5964 Avenue Notre Dame de Grace, Montreal

Contact: www.dcfm.ca 514-884-1417 dany4jc@gmail.com


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