DCFM 2016 Summer retreat!

DCFM had a summer retreat on the shores of the beautiful Lac de l’achigan in Saint-Hippolyte, with “Father’s Heart” as the theme. Thank you Dr.Shin for reminding us Father’s love again, and thank you everyone who participate in this wonderful retreat!

L1010499 L1010501 L1010511 L1010519 L1010523 L1010529 L1010538 L1010539 L1010544 L1010547 L1010550 L1010557 L1010562 L1010563 L1010568 L1010573 L1010574 L1010576 L1010580 L1010588 L1010593 L1010596 L1010597 L1010600 L1010604 L1010612 L1010619 L1010626 L1010629 L1010633 L1010641 L1010643 L1010651 L1010656 L1010666 L1010675 L1010683 L1010685 L1010696 L1010700 L1010717 L1010728 L1010735 L1010741 L1010751 L1010755 L1010757 L1010764 L1010765 L1010767 L1010770

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