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Praise worship/찬양예배

DCFM had its first praise worship service. Brothers and sisters expressed their love and grace to God by sining with their voice. We also blessed Hyeok’s family for their coming soon baby! 제자교회 첫...


Cooking Class with HiStory가 있는 요리강습

제자교회 요리 강습에는 항상 한 가지 HiStory가 있습니다. 오늘의 HiStory는 무엇일까요? We always include HiStory in our DCFM cooking class. What is today’s HiStory? 그것은 바로 ‘아보카도’입니다. It is avocado Avocado 를 불어로 아보카...


Christmas service 2016

DCFM celebrated our King of Kings, Jesus’s birthday. This year, many people gathered to worship Jesus, and had a wonderful fellowship followed by dinner party prepared by members, shot skits prepared by youth groups,...