Book Launch Worship Service

In a World Becoming a Desert (Korean) – Witten by Jihyun Yi

The Disciples Christian Fellowship of Montreal is inviting you to the book publishing worship service. We would be deeply grateful if you could grace us with your presence with an encouraging heart.

Please let us know of your attendance by April 16. You can RSVP by phone or by text message. Your company is the only gift we need, so we politely decline gifts and flower arrangements for this event. We will give a copy of this book to everyone present, and a light meal will be available after the service.

  • Date: April 23, 2023(Sunday), 5:00 PM 
  • Place: 6620 Monk Blvd. H4E 3J1(2 minutes from Metro Monk Station, Salvation Army Building)
  • Hosted by Disciples Christian Fellowship of Montreal
  • Contact and purchase tickets: 514-218-7620,,

[About the Book]

From the unique perspective of an author who is at the same time a scientist and a pastor, this book holds a magnifying glass to the inner self and soul of humans who are causing environmental destruction. With a scientific mindset, the author brings to the fore the current state of environmental pollution. The author interprets the root of the extensive history of spiritual barrenness that gave rise to this polluted state through the study of Jacob’s family and suggests a solution in Joseph.


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