Apple picking 2016

DCFM had an annual?  apple picking event 🙂 Many people participated in this year’s apple picking including new families. DCFM also took this event to celebrate, and welcome newly married Heok’s couple by preparing lots of delicious foods and cakes. God provided such a beautiful fall weather for us, so everyone enjoyed it, and had a wonderful fellowship time.

올해도 변함없이? 제자교회는 사과밭으로 소풍을 갔습니다. 특별히 많은 분들이 참석해 주셨고 처음 오신 새로운 가정도 있었습니다. 또한 한국에서 결혼을 하고 돌아온 혁 형제 가족을 환영 하는 의미로 맛있는 음식들을 나누며 즐거운 교제의 시간을 보냈습니다!

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