Korean Culinary Experience with HiStory

Spring is when the warm sunlight and sweet rain make flowers blossom, and animals that hibernate under a blanket of snow prepare for their journey back out into the world.

We look forward to the amazing grace of God who will bring back the beautiful colors of spring into our daily lives. These days we are happy with the promise of spring sun, but we are also saddened by the news that has come to us from a land 7,700 kilometers away. Relying on His ability to always take care of us with His great love, the DCFM Church is trying to collect a small amount of strength and give it there.

We will prepare ten different home cooked Korean dishes that we enjoy making. We believe that all who come on this day will enjoy it both with their eyes and mouths, and their hearts will overflow with even greater gratitude.

Please come with a happy heart to the ‘Small but Warm Miracle of Spring’ made by Koreans and Canadians, let’s enjoy delicious food together for a good cause. The precious money you give will be used for the Earthquake Relief Ministry in Turkey.

There will be no better news than this if we can come together little by little and help the countless people in the midst of their suffering. We invite you, warm like a new spring, to this place where His story and blessings are.

  • Korean food experience: 10 kinds of home cooked Korean dishes
  • Ticket cost: $30 for adults, $15 for children aged 4-12, free for children under 4
  • Date: March 26, 2023 (Sunday), 5:30 PM
  • Place: 6620 Monk Blvd. H4E 3J1(2 minutes from Metro Monk Station, Salvation Army Building), 
  • Hosted by Disciples Christian Fellowship of Montreal
  • Contact and purchase tickets: 514-218-7620, dcfmontreal@gmail.com, www.dcfm.ca

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